The 2017 MSCA Coaches meeting is usually held at Edward Little High School in Auburn on the third Sunday of October. This date will be verified this fall.

Complete info is posted at

The MVC is also planning a coaches meeting for MVC Ski Coaches in the fall, with the date to be determined.

Men's Classic Skiing
First Team
Gaelan Boyle-Wight Telstar
Xavier Romanoski Mt. Abram
Harry Walters Mt. Abram
Brandon Hemingway Mt. Abram
Kellen True Telstar
Blake Erhard Boothbay
Second Team
Ethan Thombs Monmouth
Vincent Scott Winthrop
Joshua Eliot Telstar
Joey Paolillo Boothbay
David Kidd Mt. Abram
Elijah Laird Telstar
Men's Slalom Skiing
First Team
Nicholas Newman Mtn. Valley
Jonathan Adley Mtn. Valley
Curtis Gauvin Mtn. Valley
Andrew Arsenault Mtn. Valley
Kellen True Telstar
Maguire Anuszewski Winthrop
Second Team
Jacob Beauchesne Mtn. Valley
Machaon Henderson Monmouth
Joseph Dillon Telstar
Cameron Gallant Mtn. Valley
Sean Allen Monmouth
James Newkirk Telstar

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Women's Classic Skiing
First Team
Marta Opie Telstar
Rise Marble Mt. Abram
Bea Stewart Monmouth
Alice Cockerham Mt. Abram
Nicole Whitman Dirigo
Caroli Balano-Stott Monmouth
Second Team
Destiny Throndike Mt. Abram
Summer Chamberlin Boothbay
Koley True Telstar
Lillie Meehan Dirigo
Danielle Parker Monmouth
Greta Freiberger Dirigo
Women's Slalom Skiing
First Team
Abby Landry Telstar
Emma Berube Monmouth
Ellie LeDuc Mtn. Valley
Yvonne Provencher Monmouth
Paige Dutterer Telstar
Kaity Killam Telstar
Second Team
Emma Kruse Telstar
Alecia Bolduc Mtn. Valley
Denesha Begin Monmouth
Jocelyn Stevens Monmouth



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