2016 Boys Soccer All-Stars
First Team
Avery Pomerleau Monmouth
Hunter Richardson Monmouth
Tyler Nadeau Hall-Dale
Riley Austin Lisbon
Avry Griffin Telstar
Kellen True Telstar
Evan Allen Mt. Abram
Dustin Crawford Carrabec/Madison
Nick Dovinsky Monmouth
Sean Allen Mt. Abram
Paul Kaplan Carrabec/Madison
Nick Guiou Hall-Dale
Jonah Sautter Lisbon
Second Team
Noah Austin Lisbon
Russell marr Wiscasset
Dylan Willette Carrabec/Madison
Ethan James Wiscasset
Matt Foulke Monmouth
Evan Boston Oak Hill
Brandon Goud Wiscasset
Jett Boyer Hall-Dale
Andrew Arsenault Mtn. Valley
Kevin Lynch Wiscasset
Willis Steven Telstar
Jacob Atwood Carrabec/Madison
Jacob Beauchesne Mtn. Valley
Player of the Year
Avery Pomerleau Monmouth
Coach of the Year
John Elliot Telstar
Honorable Mention
Seth Padelford Carrabec/Madison
Cade Chipman Carrabec/Madison
Colin Woodhead Dirigo
Justin Cantin Dirigo
Austin Stebins Hall-Dale
Josh Nadeau Hall-Dale
Josh Huston Lisbon
Jacob Fusaro Lisbon
Travis Hartford Monmouth
Shane Kenniston Monmouth
Tyson Hill Mt. Abram
Dan Luce Mt. Abram
Jesse Pelletier Mtn. Valley
Jon Adley Mtn. Valley
Kaleb Morissette Oak Hill
Adam Lapointe Oak Hill
Hakan Chartier Telstar
Zach Stone Telstar
Aidan Carlson Wiscasset
Alex Strozier Wiscasset
Jared Colby Winthrop
Scottie Dunn Winthrop


2016 Girls Soccer All-Stars
First Team
Ali Sult Lisbon
Madeline Wood Madison
Haley Fletcher Monmouth
Emily Grandahl Monmouth
Ashley Emery Madison
Gabby Chapman Wiscasset
Abby Mazza Mtn. Valley
Regan Cola Boothbay
Tia Day Monmouth
Cassidy Tibbetts Oak Hill
Hannah Nadeau Oak Hill
Julia Ahlberg Oak Hill
Izzy Lewis Monmouth
Second Team
Anna Dodge Oak Hill
Bailey Dunphy Carrabec
Abby Allen Monmouth
Sydney Douglas Lisbon
Jilian Hlden Madison
Shie Smith Winthrop
Megan Marble Mt. Abram
Makayla Vicneire Carrabec
Audery Fletcher Monmouth
Sydney LeBlanc Madison
Addie Davis Hall-Dale
Emily Laubauskas Mtn. Valley
Whitney Bess Madison
Player of the Year
Madeline Wood Madison
Coach of the Year
Jeremy Young Oak Hill
Honorable Mention
Angie Perkins Boothbay
Hannah Cola Boothbay
Brittany Greig Dirigo
Nicole Whitman Dirigo
Sabrina Freeman Hall-Dale
Kayla Searles Hall-Dale
Emma Houle Lisbon
Annie Worthen Madison
Marah Hall Madison
Jorden Growell Monmouth
Libby Clement Monmouth
Isabella Wells Mt. Abram
Risa Marble Mt. Abram
Ashley Russell Mtn. Valley
Julia Perry Mtn. Valley
Charlotte Waterman Oak Hill
Sydney Drew Oak Hill
Matti Rice Winthrop
Molly Glasier Winthrop
Grace Webber Wiscasset
Maeve Blodgett Wiscasset
Sophia Tsimekles Carrabec
Brooklynn Moore Carrabec


The 2017 MVC Soccer Coaches meeting will be held on October 18 at 6:00 pm at Monmouth High School.


All-Star selection was determined by the in-person Coach from Boothbay, Dirigo, Hall-Dale, St. Dominic and Wiscasset. Votes were accepted from Carrabec via email.

First Team All-Stars:

Boothbay:      Nick Gorey

Dirigo:           Yassapat Chanarune

Hall-Dale:      Andrew Peterson

Hall-Dale       Bryson Camp

Monmouth:    Kacey Smith

St. Dominic    Chris Laverdiere

Wiscasset:     Tom Anderson

Second Team All-Stars:

Boothbay:      Ray Perry

Boothbay:      Dan Drummond

Hall-Dale:       Jacob Young

Madison:        Steven Ouellette

Monmouth:     Ben Bolstridge

St. Dominic:    Noah Toussaint

Winthrop:        Kevin Chamberland



Boothbay:        Collin Thompson and Duncan Drapeau

Carrabec:         Seth Burns and A.J. Foss

Dirigo:             Jacob Gandin and Noah Brown

Hall-Dale:         Malcolm Avore and Thomas Plourde

Lisbon:             Andrew Balser

Madison:           Tristan Small and Jacob Girgis

Monmouth:       Tyler Cote and Dan Martin

Mountain Valley:Connor Woods and Ethan Boucher

St. Dominic:      Will Sheats and Elliot Hachey

Winthrop:          Nick Schlosser and Anthony Owens

Wiscasset:         Ethan James and Ridge Barnes


PLAYER OF THE YEAR:    Nick Gorey -  Boothbay

COACH OF THE YEAR:      Andrew Girouard  - St. Dominic

The 2016 boys Tennis All-star meeting will be held at Winthrop High School June 8th, starting at 5:30.


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