Congratulations are in order to the Phoenix of Spruce Mountain High School for winning the Class B team spot in the qualifying event at the Natanis Golf Course on October 4th.
Also congratulations to the Dirigo Cougars and the Mustangs of Monmouth for getting the spots in Class C.

Dirigo score was 400 followed by
Monmouth --406
Spruce Mt--421
Mt Valley--429
Oak Hill --No score

Also congrats to:
Katie Dixon of Carrabec ---91
Haley Turcotte of Spruce Mt---98
Hailey Perkins of Spruce Mt--98

for Qualfiying for Individual States

For boys qualifying for States
Jake Gaudin of Dirigo---79
Trevor Flanagan of Monmouth--79
Neil LaRochelle of Lisbon--85
Cohen Donnell of Oak Hill--86
Jonah Bergeron of Oak Hill--89

Good luck to all of the teams and individuals at the States. You did a great job representing the MVC.

The 2017 Golf Coaches’ Meeting: Golf All Stars on Wednesday, October 18th at Winthrop HIgh School beginning at 6:00.

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2017 Golf All-Stars
First Team
Jacob Gaudin Dirigo
Trevor Flannagan Monmouth
Cohen Donnell Oak Hill
Jonah Bergeron Oak Hill
Haley Turcotte Spruce Mtn.
Katie Dixon Carrabec
Second Team
Noah Cowan Madison
Russell Cushman Telstar
Sam Skibitsky Dirigo
Chandler Redman Dirigo
Ben Thomas Winthrop
Shane Pelletier Spruce Mtn.
Player(s) of the Year
Jacob Gaudin Dirigo
Haley Turcotte Spruce Mtn.
Katie Dixon Carrabec
Coach of the Year
Butch McKenna Dirigo
Honorable Mention
Sam Holmes Dirigo
Caleb Cowan Madison
Colby Marriott Telstar
Luke Beaudoin Mtn. Valley
Hailee Perkins Spruce Mtn.
Zach Pray Winthrop
Ryan Burnham Monmouth
2016 Golf All-Stars
First Team
Jacob Gaudin Dirigo
Mike Kersey Dirigo
Charlie deHass Winthrop
Zac Robertson Winthrop
Cohen Donnell Oak Hill
Mason Corriveau Dirigo
Second Team
Brogan Plossay Winthrop
Greta Frieberger Dirigo
Russell Cushman Telstar
Trevor Flanngan Monmouth
Ethan Thombs Monmouth
Broc Campbell Madison
Player(s) of the Year
Charlie deHass Wintrhop
Katie Dixon Carrabec
Coach of the Year
Mike Kersey Dirigo


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