2017 Girls Cross Country All-Stars
First Team
Haley Abbott Boothbay
Maya Deming Wintrhop
Danielle Parker Monmouth
Destiny Anair Richmond
Haley Gunn Oak Hill
Kaitlin Hunt Monmouth
Bailey Coates Spruce Mtn.
Second Team
Glory Blethen Boothbay
Amber Currie Monmouth
Elliott Sharples Monmouth
Abbie Hunt Monmouth
Madison Forgue Winthrop
Isabella Coulombe Oak Hill
Olivia Clough Madison
Runner of the Year
Haley Abbott Boothbay
Coach of the Year
Tom Menendez Monmouth
Honorable Mention
Tess Gioia Hall-Dale
Bethany Laird Telstar
Faith Blethen Boothbay
Moira Burgess Monmouth
Emma Vierling Monmouth
Sam Allen Winthrop
Chloe Dwinal Monmouth



2017 Boys Cross Country All-Stars
First Team
Blake Erhard Boothbay
Gaelan Boyle-Wight Telstar
Kyle Ames Boothbay
Owen Libby Dirigo
Jacob Atwood Carrabec
Joe Crocker Monmouth
Blaine Wilkins Dirigo
Second Team
Gage Varian Wiscasset
Ethan Thombs Monmouth
Ford Strout Richmond
Mason Erhard Boothbay
Devon Poisson Monmouth
Jack Babin Madison
Bayly Gaughan-Carassco Boothbay
Runner of the Year
Blake Erhard Boothbay
Coach of the Year
Nick Scott Boothbay
Honorable Mention
Luke Harper Madison
Adam Scovil Hall-Dale
Fox Elder Boothbay
Chase Keezer Winthrop
Kyle Gunnells Monmouth
Zak St. Germain Winthrop
Michael Ray Lisbon