The 2023 Mountain Valley Conference Cheering Competition will be held on Saturday, January 21st at Mountain Valley High School.


The performances will begin at 10 am, and registration will open at 7:45 am.  Locker rooms are open for your athletes’ convenience. We will be opening both large locker rooms until 8:45 for female athletes. The visitor locker room will open for male athletes. Please tell your athletes to take their belongings with them in the stands after they have changed. 


We will continue with our plan from years prior to the last two virtual competitions. We will continue to try and mimic Regional and State Competitions with an opening tumbling/stunt session, initial stretch, and warm-up on the cafeteria mat (will not be a full set of mats), followed by stunting practice in the auditorium. Once stunting practice is complete, your team will be “on deck” during another team’s performance and then your team will perform. I have included the order of performance and warmup information on the next page.


After completion of the competition round, we will conduct the Coaches' meetings in the music room, which is located near the front entrance of the high school. Doors leading to the music room will be unlocked prior to the meeting.  We will then have a showcase of our area youth cheerleaders, a celebration of all senior MVC cheerleaders, and finally the presentation of the spirit award, runner-up, and champion plaques.


We will have a trainer on site should your athletes have a need for injury treatment or other physical concerns.  There will be competition t-shirts for sale, as well as bows and cheering clothing.  Concessions will be available in our cafeteria as well.


The staff and community of RSU 10 hope that you will have an enjoyable and dynamic day and   Mountain Valley High School is proud to be the host school. If your teams should have any needs throughout the day, please see me or one of our attendants and we will do our best to meet your needs.  If you have any questions for concerns prior to the competition, please feel free to contact me at either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.g

Order of Performance and Warmup

  • Dirigo             (Cafe)9:40-9:48--(Aud) 9:50-9:58--Ready to perform @ 10:00
  • MV            (Café) 9:50-9:58--(Aud) 10:00-10:08--Ready to perform @ 10:10
  • Spruce Mtn    (Cafe) 10:00-10:08--(Aud) 10:10-10:18--Ready to perform @ 10:20
  • Lisbon            (Cafe) 10:10-10:18--(Aud) 10:20-10:28--Ready to perform @ 10:30
  • Boothbay       (Cafe) 10:20-10:28--(Aud) 10:30-10:38--Ready to perform @ 10:40


Approximate Timetable of Events


7:45 Registration / Music Check


8:45-9:15 Open Tumbling


9:00 Doors open for spectators


9:40-9:55 Officials Meeting, Music Room


10:00-10:05 Welcome and Introduction of 

         Teams & Judges


10:05-10:50 Competition Round


10:55 - 11:10 - Coaches Meeting w/ Lead Official, Music Room


11:10-11:40 Intermission-Youth Exhibition

5-12 Pro Cheer Queens

Open Pro Cheer Fame

K-1 Cubs

2-3 Panthers

4-6 Lions

6-8 Mountain Valley MS


   Announcement of MVC Seniors

  Announcement of MVC Spirit Award

  Announcement of Runner Up

    Announcement MVC CHAMPIONS!


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