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Welcome cheer coaches and teams! In lieu of a coaches meeting today please see some general reminders below:

Following the competition, coaches should pick up their score sheets in the designated coaches’ meeting room. The tally sheets will be available at the judges’ table after the awards are announced.

Remind your team to take the floor after they hear “XXX you may take the floor” and begin their routine after they hear “Now performing is XXX”.

A Reminder: Rhinestones that are punched, sewn, or glued on uniforms from the manufacturer are legal. Rhinestones woven into the hair or glued on the face are illegal. Any other use of rhinestones or anything resembling rhinestones that are used on accessories such as socks, shoes, bloomers, or bows is an MPA Rule Violation and is not allowed. No Exceptions. Shiny material is acceptable.

Please promote good sportsmanship - from the coaches, athletes, and fans.

Athletes must remain in uniform - no changing in the stands.

Athlete’s hair must be tied up in a ponytail out of their face / off shoulders.

Double-check athletes for jewelry / hair elastics on wrists. All must be removed.

The routine will be stopped if an athlete is ill / injured, mats separate, or if there is a problem with the music. Tell athletes to exit the mat if they feel the urge to get sick.

There are two chairs for coaches only on the left side of the mat and a designated area for alternates.

Make sure to have your music checked with the DJ during the Music Check scheduled during the beginning of the warm-up time.

Please do not spray excessive perfume / hairspray in the locker rooms / changing areas.

Any questions before the competition, the lead official will be available 1 hour before the start of the competition.

Any clarifications or questions about comments need to be addressed during the Inquiry Meeting. The lead official is there until the awards are announced.

Check out the Maine Cheer Officials Website for updates:



Approximate Timetable of Events

4:30 Registration / Music Check

5:15-5:30 Open Tumbling

5:50-5:55 Welcome and Introduction of Teams & Judges

6:00-7:10 Competition Round

7:10-7:25 Coaches Meeting w/ Site Manager

7:30-7:50 Announcements/Awards -MVC Seniors -MVC Spirit Award -MVC Runner Up -MVC CHAMPIONS!

Order of Performance

Oak Hill (Cafe) 5:40-5:48--(Aud.) 5:50-5:58--Ready to perform @ 6:00

Madison (Café) 5:50-5:58--(Aud.) 6:00-6:08--Ready to perform @ 6:10

Dirigo (Cafe) 6:00-6:08--(Aud.) 6:10-6:18--Ready to perform @ 6:20

MV (Cafe) 6:10-6:18--(Aud.) 6:20-6:28--Ready to perform @ 6:30

Lisbon (Cafe) 6:20-6:28--(Aud.) 6:30-6:38--Ready to perform @ 6:40

Monmouth (Cafe) 6:30-6:38--(Aud.) 6:40-6:48--Ready to perform @ 6:50

Spruce Mtn (Cafe) 6:40-6:48-(Aud.) 6:50-6:58--Ready to perform @ 6:00

• Senior parents from each MVC school are welcome to attend the competition. Parents must be pre-approved through MVHS Athletic Director Jim Aylward by Friday, January 28th to attend, no exceptions will be made.

• Teams will each have their own designated seating area in the gym. Senior parents are also expected to sit in the team area.

• There will be a first responder on-site in case of an emergency, but not an athletic trainer. Taping will be the responsibility of coaches.

• Masks are required at all times and must be worn properly.