2018 Boys Soccer All-Stars

First Team
Brad Clark Carrabec
Evan Allen Mt. Abram
Rowan Goebel-Bain Winthrop
Alec Byron Hall-Dale
Will Sorenson Mtn. Valley
Garrett Garbarini Mtn. Valley
Gabe Martin Monmouth
Josh Nadeau Hall-Dale
Denny Marble Mt. Abram
Matt Albert Hall-Dale
Austin Stebbins Hall-Dale
Corey Armstrong Monmouth
Hayden Fletcher Monmouth
Second Team
Sean Moore Lisbon
Noah Austin Lisbon
Cam Poisson Lisbon
Jared McLaughlin Winthrop
Thomas Neal Monmouth
Tyson Hill Mt. Abram
Tim Chappelle Wiscasset
Nate Ashton Monmouth
Jeremy St. Germain Dirigo
Ben Butterfield Mt. Abram
Ashtyn Abbott Hall-Dale
Cam Gallant Mtn. Valley
Adam LaPointe Oak Hill
Player of the Year
Matt Albert Hall-Dale
Coach of the Year
John Baehr Winthrop
Honorable Mention
Damien Nadeau Dirigo
Zeb Houghton Dirigo
Logan Dupont Hall-Dale
Akira Warren Hall-Dale
Hunter Bissett Lisbon
D.J. Douglass Lisbon
Ben Brooks Monmouth
Ed Zuis Monmouth
J.B. Jordan Mt. Abram
Dillan Wells Mt. Abram
Cameron Chase Mtn. Valley
Dalton Noyes Mtn. Valley
Colby Leighton Oak Hill
Riley Worth Oak Hill
Noah Grube Winthrop
Ian Dow Winthrop
Matt Smith Wiscasset
Josh Gabriele Wiscasset
John Brenner Spruce Mtn.
Cameron Cain Spruce Mtn


Girls Soccer All-Stars
First Team
Audrey Fletcher Monmouth
Makayla Vicneire Carrabec
Aaliyah Wilson-Falcone Winthrop
Hannah Cola Boothbay
Reagan Cola Boothbay
Sadie Waterman Oak Hill
Calley Baker Spruce Mtn.
Alice Cockerham Mt. Abram
Taylor Henry Mtn. Valley
Olivia Bourque Hall-Dale
Jade Sturtevant Oak Hill
Grace Begin Hall-Dale
Emily Edgerly Madison
Second Team
Luci Rothwell Telstar
Libby Clement Monmouth
Kylee Pelletier Mtn. Valley
Gwen Webber Wiscasset
Baylie McLaughlin Mt. Abram
Josie Hackett Oak Hill
Alicen Burnham Monmouth
Summer ross Mt. Abram
Jillian Schmelzer Winthrop
jaycee Cole Spruce Mtn.
Skyler Chipman Carrabec
Iris Ireland Hall-Dale
Julia Noel Oak Hill
Player of the Year
Audrey Fletcher Monmouth
Coach of the Year
Guy Cousins Hall-Dale
Honorable Mention
Oliva Paolillo Boothbay
Kate Wickline Boothbay
Caitlin Crawford Carrabec
Lauren Chestnut Carrabec
Katie Morse Dirigo
Lillie Williams Dirigo
Lily Souza Wiscasset
Ellie Pratt Wiscasset
Trista Giroux Madison
Cara McGray Madison
Annabelle Collins Spruce Mtn.
Grace Harmatys Spruce Mtn.
Sarah Benner Hall-Dale
Naomi Lynch Hall-Dale
Eliza Shisenant Oak Hill
Paige Gonya Oak Hill
Kiley Merritt Lisbon
Giana Russo Lisbon
Calla Orino Telstar
Aeah Bartlett Telstar
Jillian Taylor Winthrop
Natalie Frost Winthrop
Anna Lewis Monmouth
Jordyn Gowell Monmouth
Camryn Wahl Mt. Abram
Emily Kidd Mt. Abram
Saydie Garbarini Mtn. Valley
Courntey Therrien Mtn. Valley
Logan Truluck Hyde
Madison Hughes Hyde


All-Star selection was determined by the in-person Coach from Boothbay, Dirigo, Hall-Dale, St. Dominic and Wiscasset. Votes were accepted from Carrabec via email.

First Team All-Stars:

Boothbay:      Nick Gorey

Dirigo:           Yassapat Chanarune

Hall-Dale:      Andrew Peterson

Hall-Dale       Bryson Camp

Monmouth:    Kacey Smith

St. Dominic    Chris Laverdiere

Wiscasset:     Tom Anderson

Second Team All-Stars:

Boothbay:      Ray Perry

Boothbay:      Dan Drummond

Hall-Dale:       Jacob Young

Madison:        Steven Ouellette

Monmouth:     Ben Bolstridge

St. Dominic:    Noah Toussaint

Winthrop:        Kevin Chamberland



Boothbay:        Collin Thompson and Duncan Drapeau

Carrabec:         Seth Burns and A.J. Foss

Dirigo:             Jacob Gandin and Noah Brown

Hall-Dale:         Malcolm Avore and Thomas Plourde

Lisbon:             Andrew Balser

Madison:           Tristan Small and Jacob Girgis

Monmouth:       Tyler Cote and Dan Martin

Mountain Valley:Connor Woods and Ethan Boucher

St. Dominic:      Will Sheats and Elliot Hachey

Winthrop:          Nick Schlosser and Anthony Owens

Wiscasset:         Ethan James and Ridge Barnes


PLAYER OF THE YEAR:    Nick Gorey -  Boothbay

COACH OF THE YEAR:      Andrew Girouard  - St. Dominic

The 2019 Tennis Coaches meeting will be held at Winthrop High School on May 23rd at 6:00 pm.

The 2019 MVC Soccer Coaches meeting will be held at Hall-Dale HS on Tuesday, October 22 at 6:00 in the Hall-Dale Cafeteria.

Preliminary Ballots will be sent out prior to the meeting date..


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