2022 Boys Cross Country All-Stars
First Team
James Cognata Winthrop
Jeff Warnock Mt. Abram
Christopher Pottle Winthrop
Abram Geissinger Spruce Mtn.
Brosnan Comeau Monmouth
Benjamin Fournier Richmond
Bryan Gagnon Boothbay/Wiscasset
Second Team
Jonathan Wagner Winthrop
Max Viselli Richmond
Desmond Robinson Carrabec
Bennett Ross Winthrop
Sam Perkins Spruce Mtn.
Payton Blagdon Boothbay/Wiscasset
Gryffin Kristan Boothbay/Wiscasset
Runner of the Year
James Cognata Winthrop
Coach of the Year
Ed Van Tassel Winthrop
Honorable Mention
Isaac Scribellito Lisbon
Gage Lee Dirigo
Rodi Mayne Boothbay/Wiscasset
Ryan Clark Boothbay/Wiscasset
Austin Trask Boothbay/Wiscasset
Chase Mailhot Lisbon
Gavin Grover Richmond


2022 Girls Cross Country All-Stars
First Team
Haley Williams Winthrop
Peyton Estes Madison
Bryanna Hagopian Madison
Allyson Lewis Monmouth
Brooke Buotte Dirigo
Breonna Dufresne Richmond
Grace Drown Winthrop
Second Team
Laura Chapman Boothbay/Wiscasset
Julia Truesdell Boothbay/Wiscasset
Emiy Gilliam Boothbay/Wiscasset
Holly Hunt Monmouth
Maddie Orchard Boothbay/Wiscasset
Ella Cote Dirigo
Abbey Therriault Dirigo
Runner of the Year
Haley Williams Winthrop
Coach of the Year
Gunner Bradbury Dirigo
Lee Harper Madison
Honorable Mention
Sophia Archer Dirigo
Skkylar Condon Spruce Mtn.
Josie Clark Hall-Dale
Isabelle Stewart Richmond
Nichole Lobdel Richmond
Kayliy Folco Carrabec
Silvia Branchini Hall-Dale
2016 Boys Cross Country All-Stars
First Team
Jacob Hickey Winthrop
Kyle Ames Boothbay
Blake Erhard Boothbay
Brandon Goud Wiscasset
Will Perkins Boothbay
Gaelan Boyle-Wight Telstar
Mike Schlotterbeck Lisbon
Second Team
Brody Miller Carrabec
David Schlotterbeck Lisbon
Rowen Kristan Boothbay
Kyle Laroche Lisbon
Jacob Atwood Carrabec
Bayly Gaughan-Carrasco Boothbay
Jack Babin Madison
Runner of the Year
Jacob Hickey Winthrop
Coach of the Year
Nick Scott Boothbay
Honorable Mention
Sam Betts Boothbay
Jackson Sidell Carrabec
Evan Gorr Carrabec
Gage Varian Wiscasset
Cole Rugh Carrabec
Will LaBrecque Boothbay
Josh Linkletter Madison



2016 Girls Cross Country All-Stars
First Team
Faith Blethen Boothbay
Haley Gunn Oak Hill
Kaitlyn Hunt Monmouth
Olivia Clough Madison
Kristi Hanscom Telstar
Abbie Hunt Monmouth
Maya Deming Winthrop
Second Team
Jennifer Dean Madison
Isabella Coulombe Oak Hill
Bea Stewart Monmouth
Danielle Parker Monmouth
Loren Genrich Boothbay
Elliott Sharples Monmouth
Kate Friant Boothbay
Runner of the Year
Faith Blethen Boothbay
Coach of the Year
Tom Menendez Monmouth
Honorable Mention
Megan Knowles Monmouth
Emma Sommers Mtn. Valley
Evy Case Boothbay
Marta Opie Telstar
Tess Gioia Hall-Dale
Emma Veirling Monmouth
Sam Allen Winthrop


2017 bb xc

The Boothbay Boys, led by Blake Erhard, captured the 2017 Boys MVC Cross Country Championship at the University of Maine at Augusta on Octorber 14th. Erhard, who was pushed hard by Telstar's Gaelan Boyle-Wight of Telstar, captured the gold by finishing the course in 18:11.3 with Boyle-Wight crossing the finish line at the 18:20.1 mark. Boothbay's Kyle Ames was third at 18:37.4. Rounding out the top eight were Owen Libbey of Dirigo HS (18:53.1), Carrabec's Jacob Atwood (19:07.7), Monmouth's Joe Crocker (19.18.5), Dirigo's Blaine Wilkins (19.22.3), and Gage Varian of Wiscasset at 19.40.4.

Boothbay's team score was 30 points, which was more than enough to finish ahead of runner up Monmouth with a team score of 71. Madison was third with 94 points.

To view full boys results, click here.

In the girls race, it was the depth of the Monmouth Academy girls that catapulted them to the MVC Team Championship. Monmouth, which featured a large team of 14 racers, had 5 girls finish in the top 10 spots for a team score of 35 points. Top racers for Monmouth were Danielle Parker, who finished 3rd at 22:38.1, 6th place finisher Kaitlin Hunt at 23:35.1, Amber Currie (23:54.2), Elliott Sharples (23:58.4) and Abbie Hunt (24:00.1). The Winthrop High School girls finished second with a team score of 81 points, followed closely by Boothbay with 83 points.

Boothbay's Haley Abbot took individual gold with a time of 21:16.9. Winthrop's Maya Deming took the silver, finishing in 22:33.2, followed closely by Monmouth's Parker. Other top 8 finishers were Destiny Anair of Richmond (23:18.8), Oak Hill's Haley Gunn (23:29.6), Hunt, Bailey Coates of Spruce Mountain (23:40.7), and Abbot's teammate Glory Blethen (23:47.7).

To view full girls results, click here.


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